Saturday, October 24, 2009

Staying focused...but how?

Change is hard. It’s so much easier to fall into the same old routines, to walk the easy route. I had a Sunday afternoon and evening with no plans. Instead of doing something productive or getting around to something I’d been meaning to do for a long time, I ended up watching television for the majority of the day. I spent a good portion of today doing the same thing. How do you stay focused on your dreams? Trent over at The Simple Dollar re-posted an article from 2007 about personal finance lessons a couple of weeks ago and reading the first one truly did rock me like a hurricane: Every time you buy anything, you sacrifice a bit of your dreams.

What a succinct way to bring things into perspective. When I agree to go out on the town for an expensive evening, I’m pushing my debt-free status back further. And it doesn’t just apply to spending money. While I don’t think that I need to spend every minute of every day wholly focused (because that’s unrealistic), spending time on unproductive activities is keeping me from realizing my dreams. How do you maintain focus?

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